Promotional Pens

The phrase "A pen is mightier than the sword" conveys the true importance of this writing instrument. Using pens we can express our emotions and share knowledge through writing.

Incredible facts about pens:

  • The ancient Egyptians were the first to convey their message using written words. With the help of thin reed bushes the scribes wrote on papyrus sheets.

  • Ancient civilizations used different types of writing instruments. The use of quills or bird feathers were prominent around 700 AD in Europe

  • Pens with metal nibs were introduced in the early 1800s. Mass production of metal nib pens began in 1822.

  • On October 30, 1888, the first ball point pen was issued a patent. The first commercial model of a ball pen was made available in the summer of 1943.

About Our Promotional Pens:

Pens fit the bill for promotional merchandising because they are a simple form of micro advertising that suits your budget plans. Our promotional pens are available in metal, plastic, wood, paper and recycled materials and range from roller ball to highlighters

Customised pens with company’s logo are a cost-effective way to advertise business. Such types of promotional items serve as a memorable and portable way to achieve success in promoting your brand.

When you hand promotional pens to your consumers, you create a personal connection with them. Connecting well with customers spells instant success for your business.

There are many types of pens available for promotional purposes including:

  • Quality plastic pens.

  • Recycled material pens.

  • Recycled paper pens.

  • Quality Metal Pens.

  • Attractive neck pens.

  • Vibrant light pens.

  • Highlighters.

  • Sheaffer pens.

  • Waterman pens.

  • Parker pens.

  • Beautiful Engraved Pens.

  • Stylus pens.

  • USB pens.

  • Promotional roller ball pens.

  • Mechanical pencils.

  • Wooden pencils.

  • Recycled paper pencils.

  • Coloured pencils.

  • Promotional crayons.

Too much information to go on the pen? Keep in mind you can usually print on the clip as well as both sides of the pen if you need additional space.

Being a company’s integral part of promotional merchandising, promotional pens spark something in the subconscious mind when consumers see the engraved phrase of your company’s logo. They become more familiar with your brand, thus resulting in brand awareness and more paying customers.

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